New Music From Dave Bessell, ‘Reality Engine’

Electronic music label DiN has released a new album by synthesist Dave Bessell, Reality Engine, in CD and digital download formats.

Bessell has released several previous albums one DiN, including: his previous solo album, Black Horses Of the Sun (DiN47); two collaborations with Parallel Worlds (DiN41 & 56); and albums with the ‘synth supergroup’ Node (DiN44 & 55).

Here’s what the label has to say about Reality Engine:

This latest downtempo electronica solo release sees Bessell indulge his passion for literature in compositions inspired by the writings of Jorge Luis Borges, the Brothers Grimm and Lord Dunsany.

The tracks are coloured with a strong flavour of magic realism – think “Pan’s Labyrinth” or “The Science Of Sleep”.

Sonically “Reality Engine” draws on a whole variety of musical influences, from classical to psybient taking in innovative analogue modular sound design and expansive evolving musical journeys along the way. Bessell often uses unusual instrumentation alongside his analogue and modular synths and here he uses the beautiful Aum guitar to stunning effect.

Full of engaging atmospheric moods and distinctive melodies, the album contains a wealth of detail that repays repeated listenings.

The album features a wide range of synths and electronic music gear, along with electric guitar:

Vermona Perfourmer
Moog Sub37
Alesis Andromeda
Macbeth M5n
Various Eurorack modules
Mos Lab System 32 modular
Prophet 6
Korg Monologue
Korg Volca Bass
Boss DR55 drum machine
Bentley Rhythm Ace drum machine

Les Paul
B and G Little Sister
Laney and Fender amps
Various pedals

Reality Engine is available now at Bandcamp. You can preview it via the embed below:


1 Codex : 5.57
2 The Silver Thread : 7:16
3 Ghost Of Lost Cities : 7:10
4 Sleeping Air Awakes : 5:01
5 A Man Is A Small Thing And The Night Is Large And Full Of Wonders : 6:44
6 Raven King : 6:38
7 The Fountains Are Singing : 5:09
8 The Tower : 6:05
9 Neverwhere : 9:25

Total Time: 59:41

3 thoughts on “New Music From Dave Bessell, ‘Reality Engine’

  1. If someone is going to pile up that kind of gear, this is the quality of result I always hope for. The skills don’t come easily. This is an excellent example to novices of what’s possible.

  2. The fact that he’s classically trained in orchestration really shines through in the music. Not dismissing anyone who hasn’t had the benefit of classical training, as there are some superb untrained musicians around who learn by listening and absorbing, then going and sitting down practising and improvising around what they have heard.
    Top class music.

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