Escape From New York Theme On Synths + Hurdy Gurdy

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, by Miguel d’Oliveira, is a video song style arrangement of the Main Title theme from the John Carpenter and Alan Howarth score to Escape From New York.

The cover features multi-tracked Hurdy Gurdy – an ancient instrument that uses a cranked wheel to play keyed strings, creating a sound similar to bowed string instruments.  d’Oliveira shared this about the technical details of the arrangement:

“Hurdy Gurdy (Denis Soirat model) tracked 10 times + a few synth lines to colour it up

Gurdy was processed (distortion, chorus, etc…)

I could lie and say the synths were vintage machines but it was all a bunch of cheap plug ins :=)”

3 thoughts on “Escape From New York Theme On Synths + Hurdy Gurdy

  1. Miguel, that’s brilliant and a bit funny on the side, too. I love my synths, but I especially love it when someone spins it all sideways. I feel sure Carpenter would grin broadly upon hearing that. Added props for getting hurdy-gurdy skills up to speed & for wearing the mask! Heh.

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