Bach Prelude No.1 For Piano, Electronics & Typewriter

Synthesist José Luis Amores shared this glitchy take on Bach’s Prelude No.1, arranged for Olivetti Studio 44 typewriter, Felt Piano, Deluge and DIY Monome Norms.

Here’s what Amores has to say about his arrangement:

“Taking his Prelude nº1 from the Well Tempered Clavier as a base, with its marvelous and modulating harmony, I tried to make it my own and played it with my muted felt piano and included some electronics sounds. I added a melody and a bass with the Deluge and also two tracks with crazy effects with the Compass script for Monome Norms (one track for the piano and another one for the Olivetti).”

8 thoughts on “Bach Prelude No.1 For Piano, Electronics & Typewriter

  1. That was fascinating. My piano also has that felt rail, and I really love that sound. I felt really lucky that the piano I got happened to have it. It’s very satisfying to push a pedal and add pathos.

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