Novation Brings User Wavetables To Peak & Summit Synthesizers

Novation has released the Peak and Summit Wavetable Editor – new software and firmware updates that let you use custom wavetables and expand your synthesis options.

The Editor, which is part of the Novation Components browser-based platform, features drawing tools and a Live Edit mode, so you can draw your own oscillator shapes and preview them in real time. An audio import feature lets you load in your own audio to be used as the oscillator waveform.

Included in the Wavetable Editor is a selection of space-themed audio from the NASA sound library. Also included is wavetable content and a presets Noisia.

Pricing and Availability

The Wavetable Editor is available now as a free online tool, and is accessed on the Novation Components platform when Peak or Summit is connected via USB to a computer.

Note: Novation recommends using Google Chrome with the Components site for compatibility.

9 thoughts on “Novation Brings User Wavetables To Peak & Summit Synthesizers

  1. I love the way Novation adds features to their products as they age. Watching the updates to Circuit has been quite impressive. It’s a much nicer experience than buying adevice and receiving only one or two minor bug fix updates before it is EOL’d. Makes me actually want to support the company.

    1. But what happens if the company keeps going because it makes good products and supports them well? Novation have been going for over 25 years. If there were problems with the editor at some time in the future, you would still have a great synthesiser filled with whatever wavetables you had uploaded. Or if that was your major concern you could learn to program? How is your old PPG?

      This is exciting and looks very well implemented

    2. God forbid!

      There’s a browser-based editor which would be lost with their website going down. But the standalone version would live on.

  2. Both have USB ports for MIDI data, so I’d begin making backups on flash drives as I played with the editor. Its a large leap ahead. A couple of the waveforms were surprisingly complex. Novation builds are generally tough & if you build a decent library early on, you’re about as future-proof as you can get. When you buy a flagship in particular, feed it! Editors go vaporous & formats change, but your hardware won’t.

  3. Craving a Peak. Now even more. But curious – does anyone know what that square white box with the 5 knobs that’s just above his Peak in this video is? THx

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