ADDAC System Intros 106 T-Noiseworks 4-Voice Eurorack Module

ADDAC System has intoduced the last synthesizer module in its T-Networks series, 106 T-NOISEWORKS.

106 T-NOISEWORKS is a 4-voice Eurorack module, with frequency and decay controls for each voice.

In addition to these voices, ADDAC System has included an additional noise source in the design, and created two different circuits that explore the timbre of a T-Network when used to filter noise.

With two different circuits in this module, voices (1) to (3) have a pre-VCA T-Network filter, while on voice (4) the T-Networks filter is applied post-VCA. Further, at each voice input stage, there is a switch that controls which type of input to use.


  • 4 Voices, each with:
    • Frequency control, decay control, timbre type (voices 1 to 3)
    • Frequency range switch, Low/Mod/High (Voice 4) Input
    • Audio Output
    • Also and overall Summing Mix output with Volume control and (2) different output types (Normal/Dirt)
  • Tech Specs: 4HP 4cm deep 40mA +12V 40mA -12V

Pricing and Availability

The 106 T NOISEWORKS module is available assembled for 160 Euro. A DIY kit is also planned. See the ADDAC System site for details.

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