Detroit Dance Music Pioneer Mike Huckaby Has Died At 54

Mike Huckaby

Detroit producer and DJ Mike Huckaby has died at the age of 54, as a result of a stroke complicated by Covid-19, the cause of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Connect Bookings shared the news:

“RIP Mike Huckaby. One of the greatest djs and producers in the history of electronic dance music. An incredible human being. The world has lost a genius today.”

Huckaby was a part of the Detroit dance music scene on many levels, running the influential Record Time music store, producing for several labels, DJing around the globe and working with Native Instruments and Ableton.

This video captures Huckaby DJing a vinyl set in December of last year:

Here’s another example of Huckaby in action, in a 2011 mix for the XLR8R podcast:

Here’s Huckaby teaching a Maschine master class in 2015:

10 thoughts on “Detroit Dance Music Pioneer Mike Huckaby Has Died At 54

  1. We have lost a great master of Music Technology, not only did he create great music, he helped many others do the same.
    I was fortunate to meet him when he came to Melbourne, an true innovator, you will never be forgotten. R.I.P.

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  3. Remember to stay home people, going out is not worth it. I can not get my family to stop going out so I have already prepared myself for having to deal with the worst.

    R.I.P. Mike

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