Moog Mother-32 Gets Free Firmware Update

Moog Music today released firmware v2.0 for the Mother-32 Eurorack synthesizer.

The update adds many features and has a rewritten sync & timing engine, which they say “allows for incredibly tight and funky grooves, synchronized to any analog clock source.”

Here’s what’s new in Mother-32 v2.0:

  • Multiple sequencer directions
  • Improved and expanded clocking options
  • CV-addressed sequencer control
  • Selectable swing intervals
  • New pattern change behaviors.
  • Ability to ignore MIDI clock or start/stop messages
  • Improved LED visual feedback
  • Options to auto-save and write-protect patterns
  • Selectable analog clock input and output resolutions
  • Completely rewritten sync and timing engine

The update is available now as a free download from the Moog site.

19 thoughts on “Moog Mother-32 Gets Free Firmware Update

    1. I just turned transport off on my midi sequencer so it didnt start the 32, just played the external sequence. Clock on, Transport Off. If the 32 is the only thing your sequencing, that is.

  1. took a few years, and has meant me ignoring the sequencer part of my M32 pretty much since I bought it and realized that it wouldn’t work within my setup, but now something to reinvestigate and rediscover! Thanks, Moog! And as my parents always said, “Better late than never”!

    1. At least they tried!

      Behringer copied all the Mother-32 features, but they half-assed it and the sum of the parts is nothing like the original.

      It’s priced fairly for what it is, but it’s no Mother-32.

  2. I just updated my pair of Mother 32’s. Didn’t brick them (Yay!) – Everything works. And now the sequencer is essentially brand-new in terms of functionality. They even provided a 12-page manual just for the new functions.

    There’s much to digest here. It will be a busy night, tonight!

  3. If they could just add probability for trigs and ratchet probability, the Mother-32 would be just about perfect.

    Can we put these on the wish list for v3?

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  5. Here’s one no one was expecting. This is great when companies update firmwares of their old synths like that, giving them a new life. Can’t wait to update my pair of M32 and dig into the new features!

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