Free Mac Plugin, AudioGridder, Lets You Offload VSTs To A Second Computer

Developer Andreas Pohl has released an ‘alpha’ (pre-release) version of AudioGridder, a plugin for macOS that lets you offload DSP processing from your local computer to remote computers.

This lets you free up processing power for your Mac DAW, and makes it possible to run more complex projects than might otherwise be possible.

Here’s what he has to say about it:

“AudioGridder comes with a plugin and a server that is enabling VST3 and AudioUnit plugins to be hosted across the network. Simply run the server component on a remote machine and connect your DAW using the AudioGridder AU/VST3 plugin.

You can add remote insert chains into your DAW’s signal paths that way. The DSP code of the inserted plugins will be executed on the remote machine and the plugin UI’s will be streamed over the wire. This allows for an experience very close to hosting the plugins directly in your DAW but not using your local CPU.”

AudioGridder is free and open source and is available as an alpha release via Github.

6 thoughts on “Free Mac Plugin, AudioGridder, Lets You Offload VSTs To A Second Computer

  1. Great ! And open source !
    But maybe you could have chosen a different illustration, UAD VST are exactly the ones that won’t benefit from this technology 🙂
    I even hope AudioGridder will be able to be a competitor for UAD !

  2. You can actually already do this with Dante Virtual Soundcard and a wired ethernet nework. Dante is established, pro-level audio technology as well, for that added level of reliability.

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