Live Trautonium Performance

Sunday Synth Jam: In this video, LudoWic plays the Trautonium, a rare electronic instrument that was originally created by Friedrich Trautwein in the 1920s.

The Trautonium is a simple monophonic synthesizer, but allows for expressive control of volume, pitch and timbre. This allows it to be played with the emotion of traditional instruments, and for it to sound like traditional instruments or something completely electronic.

6 thoughts on “Live Trautonium Performance

  1. Expressive for a simple tone. The reverb does improve the experience. The portamento and vibrato are nice.

    The little electronic clicks and mechanical noise add to the charm.

  2. I’m amused to see how much this resembles its modern descendants, like the Continuum or Seaboards. What do you know, form does follow function. Well played, LudoWic. Anyone who wondered what a Trautonium was about knows now.

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