A Love Letter To Large Format Modular Synthesizers

Synthesist and photographer/cinematographer Jeremy Sharp (Synthesizers Reviews) shared this video, A Love Letter To Large Format Modular.

“Moog Unit. Dotcom. 5u. Large Format. Whatever you want to call it, it’s gorgeous,” notes Sharp. “There is no ‘best’ format in modular synthesis, but this one happens to be my favorite.”

Technical details: The video combines an original soundtrack created with MU modules (except for drums and pads), smooth pans with a Edelkrone motion control slider system and HD video from a pair of Canon 5d mk4 cameras.

14 thoughts on “A Love Letter To Large Format Modular Synthesizers

  1. Great work!

    This is the antidote to all those videos of people pinching their fingers through a maze of spaghetti patch chords to twist a tiny knob.

    Euro may be cheaper, but Bob Moog got the usability, sound and aesthetics right with his modular systems.

  2. For some reason, I find large format cables (1/4 inch) much more satisfying to insert/remove than eurorack (1/8 inch) cables. Not sure why.

    1. It works both ways. The module enjoys it more when you insert those big cables, and responds with more pleasurable sounds.

    2. because you have more to grab on and less clutter. but I dont know, if the electronic components are better because of less space constraints, but I can imagine, that is a factor

      1. Modern surface and through hole components can be the same but in different form factor but also components have difference in their quality. Some guys, like Mos-Lab and Synth-Werk use NOS components which should provide more “authentic sound” of Moog clones (and maybe even closer than Moog replicas)

        I have not seen any brands in MU format that provides modules without good quality testing. For euro we have some 10x pages only for one brand (which modules sound good btw). Quality pots, switches, plugs, jacks make the difference in overall quality.

        From the other side almost all modular synthesists are in eurorack and it make available to spend big sums and time on r&d(because you can turn this costs into revenue). If we remove mu users from guys who just need moog modular clone system – we have a little area of guys who trust in MU

  3. as if any of us need more of a reason to fall in love with large format! droooool. this is beautiful and makes me dream of one day having such an immersive rig. nice one.

  4. Wish it was easier to split the difference. 4U is the happy medium when it comes to playing and transporting, but undersung, underused, and underproduced.

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