Live Synth Jam On The Synthstrom Deluge


Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via José Luis Amores, captures a live performance, Primavera, on the Synthstrom Deluge.

Here’s what Amores has to say about it:

“Is a spring day and part of the day was sunny, part cloudy with a soft rain. This is spring! 🙂

I loaded in my Deluge a few samples from a retro japanese drum machine of the 60s, the Ace Tone Rhythm Ace FR-1 (I love the sound of old drum machines) and I recorded this track in RondĂł form.

All sounds are coming from Boards of Deluge soundpack.”

4 thoughts on “Live Synth Jam On The Synthstrom Deluge

  1. Great job…a very smooth, interesting piece of music.The Deluge is a central part of my composition and arrangement process; I love it so much, I own two. I love to see people taking it out and making music with it; it’s capable of soooooo much across so many genres. Such a surprising piece of hardware.

    1. Yes. I think it doesn’t have the attention it deserves. It’s a very capable machine and I love how easy is to take it out everywhere and make a complete track alone in the park, or in the beach.

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