DIY Bunny Robo-Drummer

Captain Credible has introduced the thump:bit mini, a DIY robotic rabbit drummer that can be controlled wirelessly or run its own drumming code.

It’s based on the BBC Micro Bit, an open source hardware platform designed by the BBC for use in computer education.

The thump:bit has two outputs that can drive solenoid electromagnets or other devices. The outputs are 9V and are switched on and off by the micro:bit. The solenoids can be used to play percussion instruments.

Pricing and Availability

The thump:bit mini is available now for 220,00 kr (about $23 USD).

3 thoughts on “DIY Bunny Robo-Drummer

  1. Someone needs to make a video with these guys as a tip of the hat to Kraftwerk:
    The challenge is hereby made: post here on Synthtopia when ready. 🙂

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