New Album Explores 13 Classic Synthesizers

Synthesist Benge (Ben Edwards) has released a new album, Thirteen Systems, that explores the sounds of thirteen classic synthesizers.

The album is a follow up to his earlier synthesizer concept album, Twenty Systems, which featured twenty tracks recorded on twenty different vintage synthesizers.

The pieces were originally commissioned by the newly formed Modulisme radio broadcast, Philippe Petit’s project to bring the music of underground modular artists together and provide a platform for the burgeoning electronic modular music scene that has been building momentum in recent years.

Benge uses a different approach on Thirteen Systems than on its predecessor.

On Twenty Systems, he used overdubbing techniques to layer the sound of each synthesizer upon itself to build up the tracks. On the new album, Benge created each piece in real time, without overdubs or edits. This meant setting up each instrument in advance and either letting it play along by itself, or interacting with it as the pieces developed in various ways.

You can preview the album below, or purchase it at Bandcamp.

8 thoughts on “New Album Explores 13 Classic Synthesizers

  1. What a great piece of work. Its fun to hear, but also teaches you about the line between vintage gear lust & the uneven reality. If you get to demo the real thing, its easy to see the charm, but it also makes me glad to have softsynths that are 98% there. I no longer have to schlep a synth to a tech & give up my other dreams to pay for the repairs.

  2. Somewhere, I have two CDs by Matttias Becker, called Synthesizer von Gestern, vol. 1 and 2. There was a vol. 3 and a book as well. 1 track pe4 synth, from humble performance synths up to giant Moog and Roland modulars. The English title was Vintage Synthesizers,I think, and there were CD notes in English. Seen Benge’s online presence, haven’t got the CDs.

  3. Wow, more gear-focused electronic music! How extremely unimaginative and bland. Perfect for all those gear jocks.

  4. I have the first album. It is amateur-hour at best. Not musical at all really. Like someone slowly, randomly pressing keys. I can’t imagine getting anymore from him.

    1. I wanted to like the first one, the idea sounded intriguing. But listening to it felt more like an academic exercise, not so much a musically enjoyable experience.

  5. It sounds quite nice track 5, he seems to want everything as minimal as possible
    to demo the gear,i can listen its not mozart.Not bad,its good that people are putting stuff out there,
    perfect theme tune to the Gray clouds i see out my window.

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