Using An Electronic Wind Instrument To Control The Elektron Digitone

Synthesist Floyd Steinberg shared this video, offering his take on getting started with the using an EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument) USB breath controller with the Elektron Digitone.

Using a wind controller allows for different types of expressive performance than would be possible using just the Digitone or the Digitone in combination with a keyboard controller.

“The demo in the beginning is one take, no external effects, Digitone only,” notes Steinberg. “Track 1 is reserved for the EWI, the other 3 tracks use parameter locking and program switching.”

Topics covered:

00:00 demo
02:25 hello
03:10 hardware setup
03:48 choosing an algorithm
04:16 X|Y setup
04:34 amp setup
04:54 breath controller setup: amplitude control
05:49 adjusting modulator amplitude
06:40 breath controller setup: modulator levels
07:49 fine tuning modulator levels
08:08 feature request to #elektron 🙂
08:49 low pass filter setup
09:30 breath controller setup: filter frequency control
10:36 portamento
10:53 overdrive
11:01 amp envelope attack
11:17 effects (chorus, delay)
12:00 bye bye

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