Pittsburgh Modular SV-1b Modular Synthesizer ‘The East Coast Analog Monster To Beat’

Pittsburgh Modular has introduced the SV-1b Modular Synthesizer, a major update to their all-in-one SV-1 synth design.

They say that they’ve improved the stability and functionality of the design, calling the result “the East Coast analog monster to beat.”

It’s available in two formats:

  • The Lifeforms SV-1b is a module, designed to be mounted in a Eurorack case
  • The Lifeforms SV-1b Blackbox is a complete, standalone desktop format modular synthesizer.

It features a variety of synthesis modules, including a MIDI/Arpeggiator, dual oscillators, a dual mixer, filter, envelope generator, VCA, and a variety of other synthesis tools.

Pittsburgh Modular SV-1b Walkthrough:

Audio Demos:

Price and Availability

The SV-1b is available as a Euro module for $599 USD or in a standalone case for $699.

19 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Modular SV-1b Modular Synthesizer ‘The East Coast Analog Monster To Beat’

  1. Man, Pittsburgh Modular’s stuff is AWESOME! Great sound, immaculate quality! They’ve also done a great job fostering a cool community with their live YouTube streams. Big fan.

  2. I hope they checked for ticks before returning to the studio. A perfect example of why guys should not wear Capri pants. Nerd humor warning. The annoyingly loud background whatever threatening to drown out the speech was about as inspired as a 1950s cowboys and Indians movie. Also, “two bros chillin’ in a hot tub” vibe. Just saying.

    1. Pittsburgh Modular tend to self aggrandize their accomplishments and synthesisers a bit much for my taste as well. And grown men should never wear Capri trousers….ever.

      1. What in their marketing info is not true?

        And just to say, a grown man should never point other ppl what to wear, ever.

        1. So you wish to argue the merit of superlatives and their legitimacy? Right…..

          Keep carry their water……and men, generally of the grown variety provide directives. I would help you, however you seem to have this covered plum.

          1. Dude, using a big amount of idioms does not add extra weight to your point. Zero info about my question. Better say nothing next time.

              1. I do not believe I attacked anyone by pointing out that she still fails to to grasp basic reading comprehension.

    2. Are they at the same price point? Pulse 2 looks quite a lot cheaper where I am. But that’s fine because it’s a really different instrument.

  3. Only 1 evelope, only 1 lfo, very basic routing. No, it’s not monster but good basic analog synth on very saturated market.

    1. Two LFO. 1 analog lfo w/ 2 waveforms & 1 digital lfo synced to the midi clock w/ 3 waveforms.. Maybe read the specifications prior to commenting.

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