Roland Jupiter Xm Hands-On Demo

Synthesist and developer Tim Shoebridge shared this video that takes an in-depth look at the Roland Jupiter Xm.

Shoebridge takes a lot of time to discuss his thoughts on the Jupiter Xm, ranging from its sounds and design to its pros and cons. He also shares a track, created using the Xm exclusively.

If you’ve used the Xm, share your thoughts on it in the comments!

One thought on “Roland Jupiter Xm Hands-On Demo

  1. Solid demo! It filled in some gaps well. Tim is right about the menus. After all these years, I feel as if most synth manufacturers never look at what others get right. They stick to their own abitrary worlds, including the flaws. Being different isn’t a good sales element if it means players are squinting at an arcane GUI. The Hydrasynth has several OLEDs that share the load well. That’s good design from the user inwards.

    You either like having Roland-in-a-box or you’re too meh over it to care. Mini-key synths are basically modules with a cute programmer-assist anyway. This thing needs a bit of polish, but its mostly well done. If I was keen on it, I’d make the leap to the keyboard version. IMO, its as much of the Jupiter-8 ideal as you can ask for.

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