Ambient Synth Jam On A Korg microKorg

Synthesist Todd Smith shared this ambient synth jam, demonstrating a custom patch he created for the Korg microKorg synthesizer.

He also shared the patch settings:

Voice : SYT/SGL/PLY/
Pitch : -24/-2/0/2/0
OSC1 : Di9/7
OSC2 : TRI/OFF/12/5
Mixer : 127/124//1
Filter : 12.L/58/9/-4/0
Filter EG : 101/110/52/119/OFF
Amp : 127/CNT/OFF/0
Amp EG : 101/104/127/119/ON
LFO1 : S-H/VOC/OFF/11/

EQ – 160/10/7.00/10
Delay – L-R/OFF/47/111
MODFX – ENS/42/108
Patch4 – LF.1/2.TN/3
Patch3 – MOD/CUT/-10
Patch2 – LF.2/PAN/15
Patch1 -TRC/LF.2/7

“The Microkorg is still one of the most powerful budget synthesizers for the price tag,” notes Smith, “but not everyone can program it well. I hope these videos help some people.”

The video is the latest in his Free microKorg Sounds series, embedded below:

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