11 Ways To Get More From Your Novation Circuit

In his latest video, Circuit guru Gabe Miller covers 11 ways to get more from your Novation Circuit.

If you’ve got your own tricks for getting more out the the circuit, share them in the comments!

11 Ways To Get More From Your Novation Circuit:

00:41 Saving tricks
02:29 Hold down buttons for faster changes
03:27 Slap-back delay
04:47 Put multiple drums on track 1
05:51 Import pre-layered sounds
06:33 Load in twice the synth patches
07:41 Step automation
08:23 Percussive maintenance
09:25 Half-time for longer parts
10:13 Use microsteps to their fullest
11:23 Quintuplet and septuplet grids

9 thoughts on “11 Ways To Get More From Your Novation Circuit

  1. > 1 Way To Get More From
    > Your Novation Circuit

    purchase something with a damned display INSTEAD! i have gained the impression that novation is actually trolling its customers by not implementing a bloody oled screen. somewhat brazen, to put it mildly. and yes, i´m happy with my red electribe 2s. not paid by korg, of course.

  2. I’m really hoping to see a Circuit Pro or Circuit II that makes this less of a sketchpad and more of a centerpiece for a small rig.

  3. Remember back in school when you took those “career aptitude tests”?

    Remember “circuit guru”? How about “internet influencer”?, no? How about “Cannabis consultant”? Hell no!

    Somehow, I don’t feel as prepared for the future as I used to believe.

  4. I’d love to see a synth patch randomizer/generator on the Circuit (even v2). Something semi-intelligent, preferably, that would allow a user to generate predefined patch types like “bass” or “pluck” or “pad” type sounds.

  5. several time i ask or suggest the influencer to share the sessions he made, every time gets his answer that he never save them.

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