ASM Hydrasynth Desktop Review

In his latest video, tarekith shares his review of the Ashun Sound Machines Hydrasynth Desktop synthesizer.

The ASM Hydrasynth is a new hardware synth that’s available in desktop and keyboard versions. It features a deep sound engine and polyphonic aftertouch, a rare features that lets you control your sounds in expressive ways.

Tarekith gives the new synth ‘a big thumbs up’. Check out the video and share your thoughts on the Hydrasynth in the comments!

10 thoughts on “ASM Hydrasynth Desktop Review

  1. I have a Hydrasynth and I love it. Super expressive. Great build quality and price. It’s not a beauty, but it isn’t ugly either.

  2. Nice Video….I’ve owned a Hydrasynth Desktop for 3-4 months n I’m blown
    Away by its capabilities n sound….I’m into Generative Music and this system fits in perfect with my Eurorack Systems.

    Thumbs up on the video!!

  3. Great review. I’ve own my Hydrasynth for 3-4 months. I’ve been using it almost every day n I’m always coming up with sounds that I cannot get from my other Wave boards. The Hydrasynth is well laid out an easy to use n it’s very deep n complex. ….the Hydrasynth pairs excellently with all my Eurorack boards. I’m into Doing Generative Music n this system does it!

    Great Video!!! Thumbs up

  4. Its a superior instrument and even more impressive because its the company’s first release. The sound of this thing really takes you into space, doesn’t it? It gives me an amusing tingle like my first Moog did. Play it for a retirement village, make ’em freak.

    Added props for offering a great poly-AT keyboard with a ribbon on it AND a module aimed at more production- or dance-angled players. Never mind piles of vintage recreations. This is one of the next-gen synths you’ve been hollering for.

  5. The coolest synths right now are all ones doing interesting things with digital synthesis – Hydrasynth, Osmose, Quantum, Prologue.

    It’s hard decide which synth to lust after the most. Good times for synthesis!

    Hydrasynth and Osmose also get major kudos for actually making poly aftertouch affordable.

    1. Not really, the only good thing about the prologue is the nutekt bit.

      I say that as a really big fan of Korg. Aside from the prologue’s voice count, both minilogues are better, specifically: their sequencers, effects and filters.

    2. If you like programming: Prologue. It’s like christmas every time you finish a project 🙂

      The Minilogue XD has more automation for people who can’t play a keyboard well, or at all with the module. There’s something for everyone.

  6. Hydrasynth is a sonic erector set for sound!! You can get pop, classical, jazz, eclectic, buchla, Pere Ubu, Future Sounds of London, Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dream, Cluster, from this system!!! It’s all up to you! I have the desktop version n will be getting the keyboard version! This system marries well with modular!!!

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