Dreadbox Typhon Synthesizer Hands-On Demo

The latest loopop video takes a hands-on look at the new Typhon synthesizer, a collaboration between Greek synth maker Dreadbox and audio effects developer Sinevibes.

Loopop host Ziv Eliraz explores the capabilities of the Typhon in depth, noting “it does quite a few things in an original way, both in terms of controls, and in terms of price.”

Typhon combines analog synthesis with stereo digital effects, and offers complex modulation routing, 256 preset memory and a 32-note sequencer.

“At under 400 dollars or euros,” he adds, “it still has preset storage, excellent effects, and a very powerful mod matrix.”

Pricing and Availability

The Typhon is available to preorder for 355€.


3 thoughts on “Dreadbox Typhon Synthesizer Hands-On Demo

  1. Awesome video by Loopop. I have the Dreadbox NYX V2 n it’s amazing….whatever Dreadbox puts out is amazing!!! The typhoon sounds delicious n the price mark is great.

    Great video Loopop!!! Great Synth Dreadbox!!

  2. Not that i’m made of money but the price is not that high om my list to chose one instrument over the other.
    Rather pay more then spend my time with something that has to many limitations. That sad if it had a bit more like better control over the OSC and bigger display i would not mind it was a bit more expensive.

    My pre order is getting pushed back constantly maybe a good thing better finish my current song 😉

    Disappointed by the analog controls a bit, jumping to knob position after just loaded preset will be annoying and not showing values on display, those are basic features i really enjoy.

  3. Awesome sounding synth, received mine a couple of days ago and I’m very impressed by what it can do. The built-in effects really take it to another level, sometimes it feels like a polysynth! And although the controls may be unusual they make sense musically when playing.

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