The Hydrasynth Is A Beast

Sunday Synth Jam: Synthesist Gil Assayas shared the video song style video for his track, The Hydra.

“I just got the Hydrasynth and I’m loving this amazing synth,” notes Assayas. “In this video, I first show 8 individual patches that I programmed on it and then perform a song using all these patches.”

“I recorded it pretty spontaneously,” he adds. “The main melody/pad sound was improvised and recorded without a click. I then started overdubbing the other sounds. Since nothing was recorded to a grid, the timing is pretty dynamic and… human. :)”


8 thoughts on “The Hydrasynth Is A Beast

  1. Couldn’t agree more. It’s so versitile. From cold harsh metallic sounds to warm soft and lush sounds. nothing is a problem with the Hydra

  2. Sound like a soft synth to me . I’m not hearing “the analog” in sound . Hydra sound digital and in my opinion with Spire , Pigments 2 and Serum you get the same sound. Sorry , but nothing special here …. Maybe the price …

      1. Could very well be true. I gave up on hardware synths some years ago, after selling Fantom G, and finding everything new (even now a days) is still limited on sequencers, and sample quality.

  3. Sounds really nice!

    I think this demo is going to “move some units” as they say in the unit selling industry.

    I love that Gil can just improvise a track, then starting layering on all kinds of fun stuff. Would take me lots of cheatery to achieve anything like this. Gil is the real deal.

  4. I think you’re missing the polyphonic aftertouch and ribbon controller that greatly contribute to the playability and sounds. Poly aftertouch or the reality of MPE makes a difference.

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