Making The Most Of Sampler Memory With The Novation Circuit

This video, via Red Means Recording, takes a look at a old-school technique for making the most of limited memory space on samplers.

While some samplers can now handle nearly unlimited sample sizes, many samplers still have constrained memory and part of the craft of using them is maximizing the available sample time.

Video Summary:

“Limited sample memory can be a drag, but there’s a trick that can help.

Resample your samples at higher speed and pitch before importing them, then slow them down in the sampler.

I’ll show you how in this video.”

5 thoughts on “Making The Most Of Sampler Memory With The Novation Circuit

  1. What do you mean with “upgraded Peak”? I can’t find any information about a new Peak. Do you mean a firmware update? The Circuit had like 7 of them.

    1. yes I meant they did a “pro” or multiple voice version of the Peak in the Summit… its a bit like a workstation version of the monosynth

      and it seems they should be making a workstation version of the Circuit as well considering how popular it is and how much development has already gone into the base model

  2. Think lots of us do this sort of thing with the Circuit (and the volca sample and digitakt and…). Would be sporting if Novation were to upgrade the Components app to support this workflow. 🙂

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