New Music From Lisa Bella Donna – Pilgrimage

Synthesist Lisa Bella Donna has released a new album, Pilgrimage, created as a response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

On Pilgrimage, Bella Donna uses a wide range of classic analog gear, creating music that sounds like it could have been recorded in any of the last five decades.

“As we all have to adjust to living life beneath the confines of a global pandemic, my family has taken full advantage of living in the countryside, which this year, has seemed to flourish with more blooms, growth, fragrance, birds, and wildlife – more than any other year,” notes Bella Donna.

“This has been the most time I’ve had the privilege and pleasure to spend with my daughter than when she was first born. Feeling the turbulence of or world and times, we have all tried to immerse and make the very best of these times. When the time came to start recording another album, I asked Joni if she’d like to help me with the compositions and conception of the recorded works. She agreed.”

You can preview Pilgrimage below. It’s available via Bandcamp:


  • The Eagle of the Tiskelewah 16:09
  • Summer Snows of Wolf Hollow 06:28
  • Crystal Mountains 23:52

Lisa Bella Donna:

  • Moog Modular Synthesizers & Sequencers, ARP 2600, ARP Omni, Yamaha Organ, Minimoog, Mellotron, ARP String Ensemble. Moog Tympani, Gongs, Chimes, & Bells..

Joni Mariabronn:

  • ARP String Ensemble

10 thoughts on “New Music From Lisa Bella Donna – Pilgrimage

  1. She actually released two new albums on the same day. The other is called Odyssey (also on Bandcamp) and it’s great!

    1. On the bandcamp site is mentioned: “Moog Tympani, Gongs, Chimes, & Bells..” I think it was just an enumeration of types of sounds.

    2. Wendy Carlos mentioned that the way she did a tympani sound was to wheel the tympani into the studio, and then treat the sound through the Moog.

  2. I’m a married man and I’m so in love with you, your brain, your equipment, your creativity, hell I could go on and on. I just got hip to you this year but girl you are the one. I’m no where as deep as you are but you are in new creative source of inspiration. This album is awesome and can’t wait to finish listening to it. I’m a 66 year old experimental junkie that played bass forever until retiring a few years ago and now just create in my funk factory/groove studio. Anyway love ya LBD, you’re the best, and yes I’m your new fan. Stay Blessed ??

    1. You know, it’s possible to love all of the things you love about this particular musician without bringing in things like “I’m a married man…girl (?) you are the one”. I guarantee you the message would be better received without the infantilizing and creepiness.

  3. Great sounds! Lisa is fantastic! Love her sense of melody and I’m glad the rhythm isn’t your usual 4 on the floor dance beat. This is far more interesting. Thank you!

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