Multi-Sample Recording On The Blackbox

Synthesist Olivier Ozoux shared this video, taking a look at multi-sample recording with the the latest firmware for the 1010music Blackbox.

“With firmware v1.6, 1010Music added multi-sampling support to the Blackbox,” notes Ozouz, “but instead of just loading multi-sampled instruments, they’ve also implemented multi-sample recording, for both MIDI and CV/Gate instruments.”

Topics covered:

00:00 Intro
00:21 Audio/Midi Routing
00:35 Multi-Sampling Parameters
01:38 Let’s Record a Grand Piano
02:09 Velocity Layers
02:35 More Multi-Sampling
02:49 Audio Files
03:32 Conclusion

2 thoughts on “Multi-Sample Recording On The Blackbox

  1. Its pretty great. I know software can do it but… you know…software does everything. I’ve multi-sampled a ton of Reason racks with the blackbox, then transferred those to the Synthstrom Deluge to set up the sounds there. It has a really quick multi-sample set up. Been going multi-sample crazy and further away from a computer.

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