ADDAC Wheeled Cart Holds Tons Of Gear, Makes It Easy To Access

ADDAC System has introduced the ADDAC Wheeled Cart, a customizable system that’s designed to house most standalone music devices, including pedals, drum machines, desktop synths, effects and other items.

The cart is expandable to 12 drawers, and the user can set custom heights to fit hardware from any brand. There are 12 sets of pre-drilled holes, every 5cm in height, and the bottom shelf can accommodate smaller pedal boards. Large 10cm caster wheels allow for smooth movement around your studio and lockable wheels are optional.

The top platform of the cart and all drawers have a high lip to prevent hardware slippage.

Also, because the cart is wider than standard 19″ racks, rack extensions can be installed by the user go allow for patchbays, soundcards and other rack gear.

Drawers can be purchased independently, and these are easily installed by the user as one’s setup expands over time. Drawers can be installed at every 5cm in height. Heights can be easily changed at any time, making it easy to adapt to an evolving setup. A small lever inside the drawer runner allows the drawer to be removed from the cart entirely, allowing easy installation of hardware.


– Sidings: Wengue veneer plywood
– Metal: Black electrostatic painted Aluminum

Top & Bottom shelves dimensions
– Top Shelf: Width 63cm, Depth: 29cm
– Bottom Shelf: Width 58.5cm, Depth: 41.5cm

Drawers useable area dimensions
– Width: 55.5cm
– Short drawer: 27.5cm
– Long drawer: 32cm

– 17Kg / 37.5 Pounds

Pricing and Availability:

The ADDAC Wheeled Cart is available now and priced as follows (MSRP):

  • 3 Drawer Version: €360
  • 4 Drawer Version: €400
  • 5 Drawer Version: €450

Extra drawers and accessories

  • Rack Adapters: €10/pair
  • Extra Short Drawer: €50/ea
  • Extra Long Drawer: €60/ea
  • Lockable wheels: €5

15 thoughts on “ADDAC Wheeled Cart Holds Tons Of Gear, Makes It Easy To Access

  1. > Makes It Easy To Access

    maybe, but if i pull out every drawer w/gear at the same time like in the picture, my guess is the whole thing would definitetly topple over.

  2. i need this really bad but i’m too cheap to pay all that paper money and def not skilled enough to build it.

    but maybe, if i get a cheap/free dresser on craig’s list, and just rip off the front of each drawer……..

    1. This was my thought too. Unless there’s a lot of weight in the bottom there is a strong possibility of tipping, especially with the shelves extended and/or the swivel casters pivoting to the back.

  3. I see here wrong design (IMHO) of connection for side and horizontal panels. It will not resist to overload. Say I wanna put there 5-10 big old heavy modules like AKAI S900 or Kurzweil K2000R or Yamaha TG77, Motif Rack or Roland SDE-3000 etc. Then put another big rack on the top which is btw impossible (sad and bad) due to the top panel angle, but OK, if I will put a Yamaha CS30 or another heavy synth. This construction will probably collapse or surely bend under heavy load or tell me I’m wrong.

    1. This isn’t designed for what you’re describing at all. A standard rack would be the best home for that gear, and a much cheaper option at that. You’re basically saying “a beach ball would make a terrible table.”

  4. Maybe it’s just me but I have abandoned the idea that accessing the back of racks will not result in raised levels of anger and at some point a severe concussion.

  5. I’ve done a similar thing myself installing a sliding rack drawer in my rack cabinet and it’s ok, but it’s finicky to get the cabling right, you need some slack so that the drawer can extend fully, but not too much so that they droop lower when it’s retracted and they end up getting tangled somewhere. with multiple drawers and the leads connecting to the patchbay it’s going to be a bit tricky.

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