Syntaxis Micromodular Video Demo

This video, via Krzychu1995, is a demo of the Syntaxis Micromodular, a system of components that takes a ‘breadboarding’ approach to modular synthesis.

“In this video you can see and hear synth made from Syntaxis Micromodular set. Instrument is assembled from basic set of micromodules (uVCO, uVCF, uVCA, uLFO and uADSR), but it sounds quite versatile. User is able to assemble synthesizer on it’s own, in modular way, but much cheaper and without necessity of use dedicated multipliers – breadboard does it already!

Usually building subassemblies of synths on breadboard makes circuit unreliable in longer term. But with Micromodules it works like it was soldered together – you can assemble you own synth, get plywood, drill holes for potentiometers, screw them in place and carry your own synth around for gigs.”

“This is a set of components for building a basic but complete analog synthesizer on a breadboard,” notes Syntaxis. “Although it might not have professional look, you will be surprised with its professional sound.”

Pricing and Availability

The micromodular starter set is available for 810,00 z? tax incl., about $220 USD.

5 thoughts on “Syntaxis Micromodular Video Demo

  1. This is a really nice idea, especially if you’ve already got some eurorack or semimodular. It may seem a bit pricey to get the full starter set just to try it out, but you don’t need to, just buy an lfo or whatever and a breadboard.

  2. Seems the power supply is by far the most expensive module, approaching $100. It’s pretty straightforward, supplying +12v and -12v at 1amp each, and +5v at 2amps.
    The oscillator module is about $40 and the filter around $30. ADSR is quite cheap at under $25. One could have lots of fun with a few of these!

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