Haken Continuum + Deckard’s Dream

Synthesist and developer Christophe Duquesne shared this performance, which explores using a Haken Continuum, in MPE mode, to control a Black Corporation Deckard’s Dream synthesizer.

Here’s what Duquesne has to say about the technical details:

“A Deckard’s Dream controlled by a Continuum in MPE mode (with some additional help from a Kijimi, a NDLR and Valhalla Supermassive).

I was kindly lent a Deckard’s Dream and a Kijimi from Black Corporation: for quite a long time, I wanted to try the Deckard to control it with a Continuum and the result is quite impressive. It’s very different from the Eagan Matrix (the internal engine of the Continuum) and brings a very interesting set of colors … and of course, it has this signature sound that triggers some memories (and, by the way, the Valhalla Supermassive I use here, as all Valhalla DSP effects, is really a must have). The MPE implementation of the Deckard is a bit unusual, but Ok for the Continuum, and a great thing is that, as for the Eagan Matrix, a single control can influence several parameters, each with its specific range, which is highly important for expression, and you manage to get an interesting mix of your own control and the legacy envelopes and LFO (that you usually play with your fingers on a Continuum).

In the video, the Kijimi is controlled by an NDLR by Conductive Labs, also a pretty nice combo.”

5 thoughts on “Haken Continuum + Deckard’s Dream

  1. Nice video. I appreciate your exploration of MPE. But would love to hear the synth sans VST effects. That glassy digital reverb is all I can hear.

  2. everyone does Vangelis bladerunner vibes with this thing..but no one does Vangelis Beaubourg vibes (this setup would be pretty great for that)

    lovely combination though



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