Maschine Plus vs Akai MPC vs i7 MacBook Pro

Loopop host Ziv Eliraz says that he got tons of questions in response to his recent look at the new Native Instruments Maschine+ – their standalone Maschine workstation.

In this video, he takes a look at how Maschine+ compares to Maschine mk3 with a computer, how it compares to an Akai MPC and answers many of the most commonly asked questions about the new workstation.

Topics covered:

0:00 Intro
0:40 Plus vs MK3
4:20 Plus vs 2.7ghz i7
5:50 CPU: Full songs
12:35 CPU: Samples
13:55 CPU: Drums
15:20 CPU: Plugins
22:35 Plugin params
23:40 Kontakt, Reaktor
25:10 Kontakt .NKI
31:05 Reaktor .ENS
32:25 Plus studio hub
33:50 Ext audio interfaces
35:35 MIDI templates
36:05 Locks 4 ext gear
39:00 MPC pros
42:00 Plus pros
48:25 Workflow
52:00 Arranger clips
52:50 Misc differences
53:50 Outro jam

24 thoughts on “Maschine Plus vs Akai MPC vs i7 MacBook Pro

  1. Almost an hour…wow. I am guessing youtubers/influencers are payed by the minute, But instead of spending one hour of your lifetime for chewed food, you could spend half that time to rtfm. You’ll be better at it, after that.

    1. Yes, you *could* read the 900 page manual, but here you have a time-indexed video where someone is taking the time to answer questions about the devices put to him by his viewers. No one is forcing you to watch all or any of it, so no need to be grumpy about it.

  2. Why compare the Maschine + to the MPC ‘One’ that costs less than half?
    This costs the same as the MPC X which has a ton more features and I/O (inc CV)
    The MPC LIve 2 is also cheaper and has a built-in sound bar and a rechargeable battery!

    1. He explains why at around 37:40… check out the video, it’s worth the hour watch; it’s much more insightful than just comparing spec sheets.

        1. I look forward to your non-sponsored 1h+ in-depth review video! So generous of you to spend all your time and money to create free content for us! Oh, wait….never mind.

          1. There is no need for a one hour “in depth” review video , don’t be lazy and do the work, you will become better than an average pop corn eater, video consumer. A sponsored review is apriori compromised. This is someone’s work and his employer is not you who watches the video.

              1. Well you agree it is work, so… Now if you want to argue this is the first job in history which is not compromised by the employer/employee relation, go ahead and do it I don’t even think it needs counter argumentation. In any case, that was never the kernel of my comment to even begin with, you just chose this instead of my basic point. If you want to become better at something you should do the work. Watching passively one hour videos is far from that. Of course if you want to become a gear reviewer, and influencer, a content creator, then watching these things is indeed part of the “work”. But for an artist….Heck no.

    2. MPC X is still about $2100. Its like comparing a sampler with synth capabilities to a synth with sampler capabilities. The Maschine looks more like a preset box with hardly any GUI for anything so the control will be as bad as a synth with a tiny screen and menu diving. Like the MC 707, so much synth in there but who wants to program it with 4 knobs.

      The MPC Live and X are great standalone, like you really never need to think about a computer, you can but you REALLY dont have to. With he Maschine+, it looks like you’d start fiddling with the synth/sample editing and just yearn to see the knobs and then just plug into a computer and realize you paid more for an MK3 that you can take to your friends house.

    1. It’s a bells & whistles kinda thing. Elektron boxes do their limited functions really well, but you have to invest in their whole ecosystem to get the full shebang. Do you want a 1 color screen and an old school programming experience with limited effects, or a full color touchscreen tablet with every effect + the kitchen sink? It also drives me nuts that most of the Elektron boxes don’t have a basic EQ feature, which, to me, is pretty essential for manipulating samples.

      But most of all, with the MPC, I get a consumer computer planned obsolescence kind of vibe. It does some pretty cool stuff right now, but do you really think that thing is even going to boot up in 10 years? Whereas with the Elektron stuff, I get the feeling that if cared for, most of those machines will still be going strong in 2045. I personally am in it for the long haul. I want to build my studio now and still be using it in 20 years when I retire.

  3. I think all the critics above are useless. This video was made because a lot of people ASKED to compare Maschine + vs. a Maschine Mk3 + laptop, so the author took a mac he works with, which is not hyper pimped model, like many of us. Of course the exercise is not evident because there are many laptop configurations. And yes, the video could be shorter, but learning is not just about summaries ! If you dont like it, skip it. And is it sponsored, so what is the problem, IF you know it is sponsored. Frankly, there is a lot of useless ranting I find.

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