6 thoughts on “Sequential Prophet-5 Sound Design

      1. Beginning at 4:14 in this clip from a few years ago, while talking about the Prophet 6, Dave Smith himself says that, “Compared to a Prophet 5, it goes well beyond it, but because of the way the circuits are designed, it really has the same heart and soul that the original Prophet 5 did.”

        Dave Smith then talks about John Bowen creating the same 40 sound presets for the Prophet 6 that he did for the original Prophet 5, and then they compared the 40 sounds on the Prophet 6 to his Prophet 5. Dave Smith says, “We were amazed how close they were…” and that they were, “…mostly indistinguishable.”


        1. if the 5 and 6 are so similar, in architecture and in sound, why is the Prophet _5_ so much more expensive? Sorry for my ignorance.

          1. Regarding the Prophet 6, “Dave Smith said, “Compared to a Prophet 5, it goes well beyond it.”

            The new Prophet 5 has a five octave keyboard vs the 4 octave keyboard of the Prophet 6, and the new Prophet 5 has “hand-oiled sustainable black walnut heartwood” as part of its case. It also has a switch that allows you to select between two different filter chip types (the Prophet 6 filter section is far more flexible).

            Here’s the main reason the new Prophet 5 costs substantially more than the Prophet 6: The new Prophet 5 has a nostalgia factor that is targeted at synth enthusiasts with money and the many who really can’t afford one but will use a credit card to buy it.

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