10 thoughts on “Orbital Live Rig Tour

    1. I saw those bands together back in 1997 or 1998–it was the biggest concert I’d been to at the time. Amazing show! I was hyped to see Crystal Method, but came away a big Orbital fan.

  1. For my own live rig I tend to be pretty afraid to do that much outside the box, because it can be so hard to reign it all in, mix-wise. Maybe if I had a second player …

  2. 1996’s “In Sides” is the album that made me a permanent Orbital fan. If I had to pick maybe 10 genre titles that showed you How To Do It Up Right, that’d be on the list. Always engaging.

  3. love this, covering the “new-ish” reality of sequencing via software while still showing love for old tried-n-true workhorse machines. Thanks for this, absolutely inspired now.

  4. Ah, great stuff. Glad to hear the MMT-8 still getting love, even if in-spirit via software/controller emulation. I’ve a feeling that that sequencer would do well if re-released with some modern updates.

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