U-He CVilization Eurorack Module Offers Mixing, Sequencing, Quad Panning & More

u-he shared this official intro to their upcoming CVilization Eurorack module.

u-he CVilization is a multi-mode utility module for Eurorack modular synthesizers.

It offers four modes:

  • Mode I: 4 x 4 Matrix Mixer
  • Mode II: 4 x 4 Sequential Switch
  • Mode III: Quad Mucorder
  • Mode IV: Quadraphonic Panner

Topics covered:

00:00 – Intro
00:25 – Inputs & Outputs
00:42 – Control Inputs (Gate, Trigger & CV)
00:51 – Mode Selection
00:59 – Rotary Encoders
01:12 – Encoder Features
01:47 – Performance Page
02:13 – Configuration Pages
02:28 – User Presets
02:43 – Firmware Update
02:55 – Closing Remarks

Details on pricing and availability are to come, but u-he says that it will be available ‘soon’.

13 thoughts on “U-He CVilization Eurorack Module Offers Mixing, Sequencing, Quad Panning & More

    1. They have a whole series of videos planned. They’ve already done one specific to the mixer mode. And there are videos of it being used in performances (…which don’t really give you much of a sense of what it’s like to use, unlike this one).

      And other people are no doubt going to do some videos as well.

      I’ve heard from a couple of beta testers that it’s really easy to work with despite a ton of different functions crammed into it, which is all I was waiting to hear.

      Also you can preorder them from Schneidersladen, there’s going to be a limited first run there to gauge demand and then they’ll decide about other distributors or direct sales.

    2. Our priority right now is to make sure people can use the module, hence we’re producing explanatory videos first. We’ll do videos with examples (aka “selling points”) later.

  1. There is soooo much effort to avoid using a screen, it’s staggering. All this pushing buttons to navigate and the light show is just counterproductive imo. Definetely not my cup of tee and the fact that it is digital for a 4×4 matrix is not helping for those who want to play with feedback…

  2. I remember seeing a prototype of this as Superbooth18, so they have been working on this a long time. I expect it’s well implemented.
    The videos and early reviews with show that.

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