Music For Modular Synthesizer & Sitar – ‘Sand & Smoke’

NYVVA (modular synth performer and sitarist Adam Clark) shared this video, capturing a live-streamed performance of his track Sand and Smoke, from the album Gypsy.

Clark is a Grammy-winning recording engineer, as well as a visual artist and composer. He is also a media designer for Buchla and designed the patches for their new Easel Command & 208C quick start guide,

The video uses ‘mixed reality’ real-time point cloud data from synced depth sensors to create 3D scenes, using virtual cameras moving through the 3D data, live, during the performance and broadcast. The point cloud was rendered to create a shimmery, psychedelic effect. Watch for Clark’s Buchla 200e rendered in the point cloud.

Gypsy is available on CD and digital download via Bandcamp. You can preview it via the embed below:

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