Free Moog Grandmother Sample Pack

Joey Nelson at Wavparty let us know that they’ve released a free sample pack, featuring sounds from the Moog Grandmother synth.

The pack includes:

  • An Ableton pack with 11 instruments
  • 49 synth samples (tuned to C)
  • 5 noise samples
  • 3 samples of the spring reverb clankin’

These are 44.1kHz 16 bit mono WAV files, so they should work with most samplers.

Audio Demo:

This demo track was put together in Ableton Live, using just the instruments and sounds from this sample pack.

It’s available now as a free download.

6 thoughts on “Free Moog Grandmother Sample Pack

  1. Tried downloading for free, but it resets the page. They want something, probably just a buck or whatever, but it doesn’t have a FREE tag attached.

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