New Device, UniSyn, Lets You Control Synths With Sound

Second Sound has introduced the UniSyn Universal Audio to Synth Interface, a device that lets you convert sound directly into electronically generated sound or to use it to control CV or MIDI gear.

The UniSyn converts audio from any monophonic source to CV and MIDI. The UniSyn also creates a dedicated sine wave, as well as filtered square or sawtooth waves.

Other features include a +24v phantom power option, an automatic gain control (AGC) to eliminate the trouble of tuning the input preamp gain, optional 3:1 compression in the front end, a sustain pedal input, and firmware upgrade capability via SD card.

Here are some examples, demonstrating the capability of Second Sound’s audio to CV/MIDI technology:

In the first example, audio from a trumpet is used to control an Oberheim OB-6.

In the next example, violin is used to play both the internal synth and to control a Moog Mother-32:

Pricing and Availability

The Second Sound UniSyn is available to preorder for $419 USD, and is expected to ship before the end of 2020.

One thought on “New Device, UniSyn, Lets You Control Synths With Sound

  1. I want to see what it does with something that has more complex and varying overtones. Theoretically should be doable since realtime pitch correction does it…

    Which makes me wonder if this box is essentially just an autotuner without the correction stage.

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