Rossum Electro-Music Intros Mob Of Emus Polyfunctional Harmonic Sextet For Eurorack

Rossum Electro-Music has introduced the Mob of Emus, a 16HP Eurorack module that gives you six channels of oscillators, noise sources, cyclical and 1-shot modulators (including LFOs, envelopes, and various other shapes), sample and hold waveshapes, slow random modulators, triggers, rhythm patterns, and quantization (of both internal and external signals) in ‘pretty much any combination’.

In addition to being able to independently program the function of each individual channel, Mob of Emus’ Hex Mode provides a macro control layer that allows you to control all of its channels simultaneously (while maintaining the relationships of each channel’s independent programming).

The module’s “harmonic” control structure also makes it easy to combine its oscillators into rich additive timbres, to combine its LFOs into stacked harmonic low frequency modulation waves, and to create modulation sources and triggers with polyrhythmic patterns.


  • Six channels that can function independently or can be further controlled by a Hex Mode macro layer that lets you control all six simultaneously. Channels can be:
  • Wide-range digital oscillators
  • Noise sources
  • Cyclical and 1-shot modulators (including LFOs, envelopes, and various other shapes)
  • Sample and hold waveshapes
  • Slow random modulators
  • Triggers
  • Rhythm patterns
  • Quantizers (of both internal and external signals)
  • Six CV inputs that can function in six different control modes
  • Eight real-time controls for immediate access to key channel parameters
  • Six individual channel outputs and an assignable mix output
  • The ability to store and recall 12 user presets


Mob of Emus is expected to be available by late November 2020 from Rossum Electro-Music dealers worldwide. See the Rossum site for more information.

3 thoughts on “Rossum Electro-Music Intros Mob Of Emus Polyfunctional Harmonic Sextet For Eurorack

  1. 6 control inputs, but 1 trig input, am i reading that correctly? seems like it would be super nice to have separate trig inputs

    yes i did read it incorrectly, the 6 inputs trig the individual channels or be used for other purposes, from the manual:
    CV Inputs
    Operate in one of six modes.
    Select the mode by double-clicking and holding
    OPTION and then clicking the desired preset
    > MULTI In Hex Mode, control all
    channels. Target parameters are as
    labeled on the panel.
    > FREQ Independently control the
    frequency of all six channels.
    > TRIG Independently trigger the
    individual channels.
    > GAIN Independently control the
    output amplitude of individual
    > WAVE Independently control the
    wave shape of individual channels.
    > QUANT Quantize external signals
    patched to the CV inputs.

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