New Software Synthesizer, Vital, Designed To Let You Warp Waves In New Ways

Developer Matt Tytel has introduced Vital, a spectral warping wavetable synthesizer that he says lets you “explore new timbres and create sounds you didn’t think possible with wavetables.”

Vital features a highly visual interface, with realtime, animated graphical displays to make it easier to see what’s going on with your patches.

One of the synth’s unique features is that you can quickly design sounds with a drag-and-drop modulation workflow. The modulation preview gives you an idea of what things will sound like before you drop the connection. With this, you can try modulating different destinations by dragging around the screen.

Stereo-modulation lets you split an LFO to have the left channel’s modulation delayed from the right or give slight stereo time differences to an envelope to create wider stereo effects.

Other advanced features include support for MPE and microtonal tuning, support for custom samples and more.


  • Wavetable oscillators with frequency warping and wave warping
  • Efficient unison
  • Two routable voice filters with several analog and digital models, each with multiple continuous blending modes
  • Audio-rate modulation so you can create clean drum transients and frequency modulate filter cutoff
  • Stereo-splittable LFOs with custom and editable shapes
  • Keytracked LFO settings
  • Modulatable envelopes with custom curves
  • Modulation remapping so you can customize the shape of every modulation
  • Custom sample source
  • Random modulation sources like Perlin, Lorenz Attractor, S&H and Sine Interplation, each with stereo options
  • Eight routable effects including a multiband compressor, multi-mode phaser and 16 voice chorus
  • MPE support
  • Microtonal file support
  • Oscilloscope and spectrum viewer
  • Preset browser with sort, search, tag and folder organization

Vital Demos:

Pricing and Availability

Vital will be available Nov 24th for Mac & Windows, with a variety of pricing options:

  • Basic – Free
  • Plus – $25
  • Pro – $80
  • Subscription – $5 / month

The free version offers 25 wavetables & 80 presets, while the paid options add more wavetables, deeper preset libraries and support.

16 thoughts on “New Software Synthesizer, Vital, Designed To Let You Warp Waves In New Ways

    1. The purchase options are IDEAL. You have a free option, a $5/mo option to try out, and two tiers of permanent licenses. What do you want?

      I don’t like subscriptions either, but as long as they are offering several paths to permanent licenses, AND the subscription fee is pretty reasonable– I’m ok with this.

  1. It’s very different than ‘Serum + _______’. The UI is super intuitive to use, which makes it a blast to sound design with. I’ve been using it around a week now and the depth is really something else. Vital has layers! ?

  2. The Subscription is more like the loopcloud thing I suppose. It’s also more to support Matt Tytel, while he’s working on the (possibly) next cool plugin…

  3. Just took a few baby steps with the pro version. I don’t see any presets yet. Also, some glitches with rescaling the size of the GUI, but otherwise, it’s cool.

    I was disappointed that release velocity is absent from the mod-source list. Perhaps they can be persuaded to add it.

    1. Some people were reporting issues with presets & wavetables loading/installing. This issue was very quickly addressed in the currrent Mac installer.

    2. Though release velocity isn’t in the mod source list, there is a LIFT control (which I learned is the same as release velocity).

      I was looking for a key-release trigger mode. It looks like it might be possible using an LFO.

      This synth is pretty wonderful.

  4. This synth is SO deep and SO good sounding. I had no idea. Watched a couple vids. Now I know. Go get this.

    This is pure yummy power-user synth goodness! Versatile oscillators, super-versatile control options, Mod Matrix with secondary depth controls and curves. Tuning Maps, MPE, release velocity. Lots of LFO modes. Yea, this is the one.

  5. I was initially disappointed with Vital. They got so much right but I felt it was let down by poor filters with very little resonance. However, after a few days I went back to it and, suddenly, the filters were much better. I can only assume it auto-updated itself (it’s now a v1.0.3) and got tweaked filters. So if your initial impression wasn’t that good, give it another go because it’s a very compelling package that a lot of thought and effort has gone into. I’m perfectly happy with the free version but I intend to buy the $25 version just to support the developer.

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