New App, Flip, Turns Your iOS Device Into A Powerful Portable Sampler

Suture Sound has introduced Flip, a new app that turns your iOS device into a powerful portable sampler.

Flip lets you record sounds and play them immediately, using drum pads or with the sound mapped across a keyboard.

Sounds edited and transformed using built-in effects and editing tools. You can record a quantized or unquantized performance on the pads or keyboard. There is also a full piano roll, where you can enter and edit notes and velocities.

Other features include: automation lanes with independent length for creating polymetric and generative music; songs with up to 16 sections; a performance page; and the ability to output mixes or stems.


  • 9 track sampler
  • 4 effects per track: Delay, Filter, Chorus, Bitcrush
  • Graphic EQ per track
  • Monophonic or up to 16-note polyphonic playback per sample
  • Adjustable pitch, volume, playback direction, sample start and stop points
  • 19 automatable parameters per track
  • Independent lengths for each automation lane
  • Automation can be recorded via knob movements or drawn by hand
  • Drum pad and keyboard input
  • Full piano roll with 10 octaves, note velocity, editing tools
  • Randomization over sample selection for quick inspiration
  • Randomization over note position to create surprising variations
  • Drag-and-drop song arrangement page
  • Global reverb with individual track sends
  • Mixing and mastering tools
  • Powerful performance features for creating instant fills, pitch shifts, reverb sends, and global low or high pass filtering
  • Export full track and stems
  • Live recording of performances
  • Metronome with tap tempo and swing/shuffle
  • Ableton Link integration for easy syncing with other devices over WiFi
  • Share projects and sounds via AirDrop, email, etc.
  • Undo and redo

Pricing and Availability

Flip is available now for $7.99 USD. Additional sound libraries are available as in-app purchases.

13 thoughts on “New App, Flip, Turns Your iOS Device Into A Powerful Portable Sampler

    1. Agreed. Not that it won’t be successful, but the lack of AUv3 support sure closes down the realm of possibility. We have some sampler and looper plugins on the AUv3 side and all sorts of neat FX. The point was probably about having a unified experience. But that’s not “playing well with others”. Same with Endlesss.

  1. Interesting that you don’t mention that Suture Sound is Andew Huang’s dba and the soundpacks come from Huang’s YouTube friends. Chances are that much of the success (#3 in music, today) comes from Huang’s notoriety to a certain crowd… which might not overlap that much with Synthtopia.

    1. I purchased the app based on Andrew Huang’s involvement. But when the app failed the hello + high five test, I deleted it.

  2. Big Andrew Huang fan here. Not that big a fan to use a useless app, the app would have to speak for itself. Can get more value watching his videos and techniques than using a self-contained ios app.

  3. It seems absolutely awesome after trying it out for a little while. I like that it’s self contained at first, I’d much rather they squash the bugs and sort out the UI and UX before adding anything else. I don’t really use apps to make whole songs, just small ideas that I develop further in computer DAW. For getting out ideas, this thing is the best thing I’ve seen for the iPhone.

    1. +1
      Bingo! I use a bunch of samplers on my iPhones and iPads and 90% of the stuff gets dumped into soundforge or whatever DAW I use on my PCs and Macs for editing. I have used Koala since day one, awesome sampler, crappy sequencing IMHO. My first sampler was an Ensoniq Mirage and then an Akai S1000 back in the day. I love the sampling power my iPhones and iPads give me. Never really get the negative Nancy naysayers. No AUv3, I could care less. If it comes in a future update great, if not BFD. Useless app? Geezus lol. Maybe useless to those with little to no clue or lack of creativity. Whatever. lol.

    1. Koala is great and I love the simplicity of how immediate it is for grabbing a sample and making something of it, but it sure would be nice if we could access the sequence data. It’s been a requested feature since the app’s release and I’ve even messaged the dev about it, to no response. I think having the sequencer/sequences closed off to users is a very bizarre UX choice. Having the option to go in and edit/move/delete a single note rather than record it all again, change per-note velocity, and so on., would help that app become so much better. I’m not sure if Flip is as instantly playable or have the same live FX options as Koala, but users can access the sequencer, among a longer list of finer detailed features, so that’s a big plus over Koala. If Flip eventually adds more FX and sample slicing, Koala’s only advantage will be its availability on Android.

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