Elektron Intros Octatrack MKII Anniversary Edition – But It’s Sold Out

Elektron today introduced the Octatrack MKII Anniversary Edition, celebrating the 10 year anniversary of their popular 8-track dynamic performance sampler.

Limited to 350 units, the Octatrack MKII Anniversary Edition features a new design that combines the aesthetics from the MKI and MKII versions.

The Octatrack MKII Anniversary Edition also comes with a custom 32 GB CF card, loaded with exclusive artist content to mark the occasion that’s only available as part of this limited run.

Audio Demos:

Elektron shows the Octatrack MKII Anniversary Edition as being ‘Sold out for now’. They say that a few more will be added 3rd of December 09:00 CET.

30 thoughts on “Elektron Intros Octatrack MKII Anniversary Edition – But It’s Sold Out

  1. It’s crazy that Elektron can introduced a new piece of $1400 gear, in the middle of a global pandemic, and sell 350 units in half a day.

    1. i think it is obvious, because people are sitting in their studios and making the best with their time.
      And with all the money they would have spend for clubbing, holidays etc. they buy “new/old” gear.
      Not that crazy.. πŸ˜‰
      (I get the point you are talking about…and i am not one of the 350 that bought a unit.)

      1. “It’s crazy that a company makes 490 000€ ?”

        Amazon is the largest retailer in the world and of all time, so your point is irrelevant. Sad!

        1. To say something is irrelevant without giving a real argument is insane.
          Amazon was once as small as your next door Coffee Shop.
          If I had the numbers of the industry I could compare Elektron to Moog, InBrands, Music Group, etc, but this information is confidential.

          Elektron is the Apple of musical instruments, it makes sense that people pay the premium price because there ain’t anything like that and people have money, some a lot, some not enough (oh yes, that’s how economy works!).

          Now give me your real argument.

      1. the reset doesn’t come until they start packaging our labor like mortgage backed securities and short the social bond market. but you will need an innoculation and a digital twin to receive your ubi.

    2. Personally I’m happy that Elektron is making that $ because the instruments they make are that good & I’d love to see more. Unlike the past, recently they have made very affordable options available. This is also a limited edition.

    3. Just like TE, Elektron have been good (and focused on) at marketing more than anything else since the time of the venerable Monomachine & Machinedrum. Yet people seem willing to cough up big $$$ for 90s aesthetics (..and workflow) – at least their products sell well on the second hand market πŸ˜‰

      1. Calling BS on your comment.

        I own an Analog Four and Octatrack. Both are about 10 years old and Elektron has added a massive list of features since I purchased them. Both were great when I bought them, now they’re even better.

        Tell me about other companies that are still adding features to 10 year old gear.

    1. now that elektron has a robust product line, what do you reckon is next for them? something higher end, or some budget 1 osc 303+elektron sequencing thing called model:circuits?

      1. Budget line for sure. Nothing flagship for a while. Still waiting on the elektron mixer, usb audio routing from the other boxes, al the FX from the octatrack, fx sequencing, Analog heat mk2 wrapped in there somewhere. Route all your boxes, get busy.

      2. I think the Digitone Keys is high end and super-underappreciated. I think people don’t get the form factor.

        I’ve got the Analog Keys, which I don’t think was a big hit for them. But it’s one of the most powerful synths ever made. Just deep as can be. I use it to CV/Gate sequence my modular and then process the results, along with just using it as a great synth.

        I think the issue with some of their gear is that it just takes a long time for people to wrap their heads around. By the time people really grok Elektron gear and start sharing videos and music made with it, the gear has been out for a couple of years and isn’t the ‘new thing’ any more.

  2. the octatrack is in a whole other realm – ultimately I think it’s best as the main brain unit but that really puts you in a funky place that is not ordinary at all, which is something that turns a lot of people off

    My favorite thing about it was the fx and how you could sequence everything while building some kind of macro control system for it that was easy to use but super powerful

    I regret selling mine but I always planned to pick up another

    The mk2 looks nice too

  3. This new black livery is also coming as a non-limited edition later. Don’t worry, if you prefer the black livery these will be available to buy soon. Me? I will still pay homage to the original octatrack prototype, which was GREY. I see no reason to shell out 1.5k just for the black case, no thx.

  4. They’ve only disappointed people with this move, except for 350 people that can instantly pull their creditcard.
    This deserves a middle finger. (every company that does this deservers the finger).

    1. I completely agree. I could pull the trigger, my credit card allows that.. but in this world situation: “i rather not, just to be sure… ” – my thought process is the same. they deserve the finger.

    2. Once you understand the amount of work and effort that goes into being a financially stable company, you’d cut your middle finger off. Smiles and good intentions didnt bring us the A4, Rytm and OT. Dataline…and a bunch of nameless developers did.

      1. I get it, I work for one of those companies. Middle fingers all around. Don’t be an apologist for corporations. They will never do the same for you.

    3. EDIT:

      Elektron listened to the criticism I think and they’ll keep selling the black version next to the gray version.
      Thanks Elektron, that’s great news. πŸ™‚

  5. Was expecting a new take on this machine for the 10the anniversary. This was a good moment for introducing a new version now its seems more likely that there is no new OT model coming.
    Would have been cool if they did some kind of contest for Elektron fans to get one, instead of just selling them.

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