New Synth, Harmonal Binaurics, A ‘Psychoacoustic Powerhouse’

Faded Instruments has introduced Harmonal Binaurics, a new Binaural Beats synthesizer that they describe as a ‘psychoacoustic powerhouse’.

‘Binaural Beats’ is a term that refers to an auditory illusion that’s perceived when you listen on headphones to slightly detuned sounds. Your brain compares the pitches received by your left and right ears, and can perceive an additional tone or rhythm, at the pitch difference of the two sounds.

Because this effect can be a little trippy, some have attributed a variety of psychological benefits to listening to binaural beats, such as reducing stress and anxiety. Studies have found the effects of listening to binaural beats comparable to a placebo.

Here’s what Faded Instruments has to say about Harmonal Binaurics:

Harmonal Binaurics is centered around Binaural Beats. Technically binaural beats require headphones to work their magic, though they sound great no matter how you listen to them.

Binaural Beats work by sending subtly different frequencies to each ear. Rather than hearing two frequencies, you mostly just hear one frequency, but a third rhythmic frequency – THE BINAURAL WOBBLE – is created by your brain. The speed of this wobble is the difference between the two pitches (for example, 420hz in your left ear and 426hz in your right ear creates a 6hz wobble in your brain).

We dont’ know why the brain creates this, but what this hypothetically does is something called Brainwave Entrainment – it synchronizes your brainwaves to the wobble and induces altered states of consciousness. This may sound crazy – but who cares – it sounds great.

In other words, it’s like tuning to A = 420.

You can preview Harmonal Binaurics via the video above. Headphones recommended.

Pricing and Availability

Harmonal Binaurics is available now for $20 USD.

17 thoughts on “New Synth, Harmonal Binaurics, A ‘Psychoacoustic Powerhouse’

  1. “Studies have found the effects of listening to binaural beats comparable to a placebo.”

    Science sure can be a time/ear saver.

    Still, pretty odd & interesting sounds & GUI.

  2. Perfect. Just what I have been looking for. I have used a few free apps on mobile platforms that do this to some extent, but not with this amount of control.

    I can tell you, from listening to binaural beats (also called hemi-sync or brainwave entrainment) for over 20 years, I can assure you that you can absolutely achieve altered states of consciousness with them. With frequencies that can do everything from helping one concentrate to putting one in a trance or assist with achieving OBE / lucid dreaming / projection.

    Concentration: Beta state 14–30 Hz
    High level information processing: Gamma state 30–50 Hz
    Dreamless sleep: Delta state 0.1–4 Hz
    A.P. / OBE: Supposedly 6.3 Hz (in Theta state)

    1. I’m a believer! I felt my heartrate changing while listening to the demo (a headset helps, and so does some residual pot). Good stuff.

      1. Actually, many people believe the BPM of a piece you’re listening to can influence your body’s own heart rate! That being said, the claims that this does anything past sounding cool and the residual effects on your brain from hearing any new interesting sound are absolute bullshit. It’s a shame this really fascinating phenomenon is shrouded in new age crap.

        1. “Actually, many people believe the BPM of a piece you’re listening to can influence your body’s own heart rate!”
          But this is actually so. Anyone, who is not deaf, can approve this. And how can binaural beats be a “fascinating phenomenon” and “crap” at the same time? What’s your point?

          1. ,,, I think I made it pretty clear that the noises made are very cool and can have some weird effects but the shit about this being life changing and chakra aligning or whatever the fuck is dumb

  3. “Studies have found the effects of listening to binaural beats comparable to a placebo.”

    We got ourselves a fact-checker here !!
    Studies have also found that statements starting with “studies have found” are attributed with religious importance.

    Seriously though, you downmarketed their product in the same description you announced it. Way to go, I gues xd

    1. I don’t think it is “downmarketing” to make a reasonable disclaimer. It’s a lateral move. “Believers” won’t be dissuaded if studies say they will get comparable results from a placebo. And non-believers will be interested for the sound design possibilities.

      I.e., “Buy this because you are interested in cool sounds, not because you want to make your self more this or less that.”

  4. The devs should make it very clear on their landing page that this plugin doesn’t accept MIDI at all – it’s a tone generator. As of now, you’d have to watch the tutorial video to know that.

  5. My buddy Doron Sadja made this instrument. He (and most of us who lived at “Paris London West Nile / 285 Kent” performance space / concrete hamster den in NYC) was heavily influenced by the work of Maryanne Amacher who’s “third ear” and “sound characters” investigations led to some very powerful work. I actually threw up once!

    When she died we went to her house and sang “strange magic” for a bit. I wanted to try to collapse the house with sound…since it was ready to be condemned anyway (her 4th floor was caved in; by the time the rain got to her test equipment function generator nook on the first floor there was nothing for it).

    Buy these plugins! I think he’s done a wonderful job of carrying this energy into modern times. The marketing is delightful as well. Super proud of them!

    I’ll also put in a good word for the recently released book “Maryanne Amacher: Selected Writings and Interviews” by “Black Forms Editions” publishers.

  6. Wow people really came in here to essentially say, “Studies have shown than calming music can’t force someone to calm down against their will.” While we’re slinging truths like that, might we also say that this is more like an ill-conceived, “I’m a rational skeptic type atheist under the age of 20,” type of psychosocial flexin’ and identity signalin’? Like, hey that’s cool dude, me2, and if someone said binaural beats have the same probability and intensity on all humanity as downing a bottle of gin, if be objecting right along with you.

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