Instruments of Things Intros IO-Lights Light-Sensitive MIDI Controller


Instruments of Things has introduced IO-Lights, a MIDI controller that lets you control MIDI CC or MIDI Note signals with light.

In addition, MIDI notes can also be sent to IO-Lights, and the notes are then represented as light by the LEDs on the device.


  • Integrated light sensor to control MIDI signals via light
  • Output: MIDI Note signals or MIDI Control Change signals
  • Input: MIDI Note signals
  • 12 white LEDs which visualize MIDI Notes
  • Random light mode
  • USB-MIDI class compliant. No additional drivers are needed
  • Web app to configure MIDI settings
  • Micro USB (comes with USB-C to Micro USB adapter cable)
  • Under 3 milliseconds latency

Pricing and Availability

IO-Lights is available to pre-order for 55€ (20% of the normal price).

6 thoughts on “Instruments of Things Intros IO-Lights Light-Sensitive MIDI Controller

  1. High resolution (14-bit) capable? It would be cool if they had included a “pedal in” so you could use other types of resistors with the same circuit. But if it is bog-standard 7-bit CC, then this is simply a turn-key “D-beam” type thing.

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