Sinevibes Intros Blend 2 Chorus Effect For MacOS

Sinevibes has released Blend 2 , a major update to its chorus effect for MacOS.

Blend is a multi-voice chorus comprised of up to 16 separate layers, each a chorus effect on its own, with a dedicated modulation generator and a feedback loop. Sinevibes says that, “Even with all 16 layers activated, the resulting mix is dense yet always silky smooth and musical.”

Blend’s flexibility allows it to create a wide variety of effects, like vibrato, tape wow, flanger, smear, dissonance and even reverb.


  • 16 chorus layers, each with its own individual feedback line
  • 16 sine wave modulation generators with proportional phase offsets (one per each layer)
  • Variable modulation stereo width
  • Selectable interpolation algorithm: Lo-Fi, Vintage, and Modern
  • Adjustable low-frequency cut filter
  • Lag filters on all continuous parameters for smooth, click-free adjustment
  • Supports mono › mono, mono › stereo, and stereo › stereo channel configurations

Pricing and Availability

Blend 2 is available now for $29 USD.

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