‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ On Pocket Operators

Reader Tubesockor shared their Pocket Operator lounge arrangement of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

“Here’s a little holiday jam on two Pocket Operators, PO-33 and 28,” they note. “The 28 handles the solos whereas everything else comes from the 33.”

11 thoughts on “‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ On Pocket Operators

  1. Is anyone willing to criticize the emperor’s wardrobe here? IMO the thin, tinny, low-budget sounds presented here elbow out the skills shown by the performer. Given that we are watching a performance made on a couple hundred dollars’ worth of equipment, the musical skills could so easily be channeled through higher quality sound-producing devices and interfaces at about the same cost.
    And a couple of pocket-calculator-sized devices connected by cable hardly make the package that much more portable.

    1. Yes, If I was searching for the ultimate sonic experience I would have used something both more expensive and flexible – like a MacBook with Logic and some soft synths. But that was not my goal here – instead I often find the joy in trying to squeeze things out of limited gear and take it as a challenge to see what can be done. There are several other similar videos in that context on my channel.
      In this particular video I used a (soon-to-be-released, info in YT description) sound pack created by 16 different creators where each one supplied one sample (not knowing what the others would submit), and then created a jam with it. Thereby also part of the challenge to take whats available and make something with it. So even if I had made it from the start on the PO-33 I would probably used different samples as well. Also finding a way to make the PO-28 work as a soloing instrument was another part of my goal, and had quite the fun while doing it 🙂

  2. Man, I was laughing at those fingers scurrying around, but I’m blown away by the soloing on a switching medium. Nice, musical work, my friend!

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