Ian Boddy Live Modular Synthesizer Performance

Synthesist and DiN label head Ian Boddy shared this live Eurorack modular synthesizer performance, originally streamed live on Dec 19th, 2020.

The performance starts about 30 seconds into the video, and features Boddy performing with Roland 100M & Eurorack systems.

He shared this information about the technical details of his performance:


Varigate 8+ for drums, bass line & triggering.
Make Noise Rene for top sequence line.
Roland 182 for filter sequencing on 100M.
Make Noise Pressure Points for filter sequencing percussion.

Roland System 100M:

Provides the bass line + white noise percussion.
CV for bass line from Varigate 8+ via Intellijel Shifty & 4 x AJH V-Scale Buffers.


1010 BitBox Micro providing ambient sound beds.


Top melodic sequence line from Braids sequenced by René.
Low bass drone from Morphing Terrarium.
Vintage synth FX from Make Noise DPO through FSH1 Frequency Shifter in Ring Mod mode.
Industrial grunge from Rings being fed phased white noise from 100M.


Bass drum from Bastl Tea Kick.
Metallic hats from WMD Chimera.
3 layers of white noise percussion from 100M.


Clouds, Erica Black Hole, Tip Top Z5000, Disting 4 in delay mode & Echo Fix EF-X2 tape echo.


Maths, Livewire Vulcan Modulator, Instruo øchd, Marbles & Intellijel Quadra.


Qu-Bit Tone, Make Noise QMMG, Roland 505 & 510.

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