7 thoughts on “Make Noise René Gets Free Update

  1. Disappointed in the Ad ‘Red White Blue Apparel’ on this site. Right Wing/Anarchism…..I thought this site was only about music n music technology. Very disappointed

    1. Not sure about Synthtopia’s model but online ads are usually dynamically generated based on your browsing history. FYI there’s no correlation between right-wing (authoritarian) and anarchism.

  2. Bill

    The ‘filler’ ads that you see on the site are inserted by Google Adsense. It’s essentially tailoring the banners shown to you and other readers to display the ads it thinks you will be most likely to be interested in.

    This sort of tailoring is very effective overall, but obviously will sometimes display things you have no interest in, like other advertising.

    We customize the configuration of our Adsense to exclude ads from companies that we think are likely to be offensive to Synthtopia readers. This includes excluding ‘adult’ sites, relationship sites, gambling sites, etc.

    We can also exclude specific sites, where appropriate. So, even if ‘apparel’ is not an offensive category, we understand that there may be specific apparel companies that sell stuff that could be offensive.

    If you see an ad that is offensive to you, please let us know via our Feedback form (https://www.synthtopia.com/feedback/), which is linked at the top of every page on the site. We’ll need to know the company name. Then we can review it and excluded it if appropriate.

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