Free Soundbank For The Arturia Polybrute

Hispasonic shared this video, demoing its free soundbank for the Arturia Polybrute.

The sounds were programmed by Pablo Fernández-Cid and are available as a free download.

Note: Hispasonic is a Spanish language site.

Sounds demoed:

00:00 Intro
00:16 HugeBrute
01:08 Italian Harp
01:26 Split Vienna
01:40 Oxygenate Lead
02:03 Morphee Leads
02:45 Analog Split
03:25 Bach Horn
03:40 Bach Reed
03:54 Back to Berlin
04:22 Chordal Moods
05:10 Instant Mood
05:38 NewRonyum 82
07:28 HispasonicWLove
08:03 Clean warm lead
08:40 Seq & Solo Twins
09:28 SeqArpChords

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