An Introduction To Modular Synthesis With VCV Rack

This video captures a presentation by Jonathan Foote from Remoticon 2020, giving an introduction to modular synthesis using VCV Rack.

VCV Rack is a free open source modular synthesizer platform that’s available for Linux, MacOS & Windows. It’s modeled after Eurorack modular synthesizers and lets you create complex synthesis patches using virtual modules.

Video Summary:

“Using the free and open-source VCV Rack digital audio workstation, Jonathan Foote helps us learn the principles of analog audio synthesis and how to create new sounds using voltage-controlled oscillators, filters, and amplifiers.

No hardware required, but once you understand the principles you will be ready to start playing Eurorack or similar modular synthesizers, and a new sonic world will be at your fingertips!”

2 thoughts on “An Introduction To Modular Synthesis With VCV Rack

  1. Omri Choen has a series thats pretty great and in-depth over all the modular concepts from Shift Registers, RM/FM, different VCA’s and a ton more. (sounds like an ad). I just purchased it last night ($30). Well worth it if you’ve ever just struggled understanding the concepts behind a lot of the eurorack modules that exist beyond VCO’s and VCF’s and Envelopes. Will definitely be giving this one a spin and saying think you for VCV rack a few more times before bed.

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