Live ‘Switched-On’ Performance By Art Of Moog

Synthesist Robin Bigwood, director of the ‘synth-Bach band’ Art of Moog, let us know that about their new concert event, part of the Baroque at the Edge festival.

The festival invites leading musicians from all genres to take the music of the Baroque and ‘see where it leads them’.

The performance was filmed live just before Christmas in 2020 and features ‘Switched On’ style Bach arrangements, inspired by the pioneering work of Wendy Carlos. You can preview the performance via the embed above.

Tickets for the HD streaming concert are £10 (+standard booking fee) via Eventbrite.

5 thoughts on “Live ‘Switched-On’ Performance By Art Of Moog

    1. I suppose it’s supposed to rhyme with “Art of Fugue”. It doesn’t, of course, but it’s closer than “Art of Sequential”…

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