Roland Intros MV-1 Mobile Music Production Workstation

Roland today introduced the MV-1, a standalone music production workstation that lets you create complete productions, with vocal recording, pattern generators, ZEN-Core sounds, mastering effects and more.

The MV-1 can work as a standalone, battery powered workstation, but also can connect to your phone, tablet or computer, along with MIDI gear, to be the center of studio productions.


  • Record vocals with modern effects like Auto-Pitch, Harmonizer, and Doubler
  • Over 3000 sounds for modern styles
  • 4×4 pads and TR-REC step sequencer for drums, basslines, and melodic parts
  • Songwriting tools and generators get you started and keep you flowing
  • Interface with your smartphone, tablet, or computer for easy file transfer
  • Plug-and-play integration with Roland Zenbeats app expands your production capabilities
  • High-quality mixing and mastering effects
  • Make music on the move with power via a mobile battery or USB
  • Built-in mic and XLR mic input with phantom power
  • Stereo ¼-inch I/O, dual headphones jacks, and MIDI I/O

Roland MV-1 Video Demo:

Pricing and Availability

The Roland MV-1 will be available in Jan 2021, with a street price of about $700.

32 thoughts on “Roland Intros MV-1 Mobile Music Production Workstation

  1. That tiny 2 line screen is going to be a touch sell against the AKAI Live or even Maschine+
    If you have to plug an ipad in to see what you are doing you may as well use a laptop….

  2. IDK, man. Is this a last ditch effort to try and match what MPC ONE Maschine have to offer or are they trying to market to a specific niche that hasn’t been touched upon. Seems user friendly, but perhaps provides less after the first view.

  3. Looks pretty cool, but lots of menu diving and clicking to do what you need to do (standard roland). Interested to see how it integrates with the Zenbeats app.

  4. When you have an Apple Ipad sitting new to your reveal photo, your new product already looks like its going downhill. Its not an update addition but the focal point of the products feature set.

    1. It also comes across a little disingenuous on Rolands part. Here’s their supposedly “Budget Friendly” workstation that you need an additional $300 device to be able to use properly.

      1. The video definitely shows that you don’t need an iPad to use it properly.

        Rather, it looks like the iPad opens up the more DAW-like capabilities and connectivity of this, things which go beyond the more traditional MPC-like functions.

        I really like the approach of supporting using iPads as an extended screen – that way you’re not paying that $300 for each device or making the gear that much bigger.

        1. The new MPC line has audio tracks with a screen large enough to edit audio, add fades and even warp if you know what you’re doing. This device take a ton of steps backwards and stays in line with the aria line. The MC-707 has a ton of capabilities though, but a ton of menu diving and the screen is just garbage, like playing a gameboy from the late 80’s.

          1. I don’t know. With this Roland set-up, someone can do all the programming with the advantage of a big ipad screen, and then when they come to gig or jam with friends or other instruments then the little screen will be fine. I am not sure I would like to spend all day programming on the MPC screen in this day and age.

  5. I dont get it. Why does it say it records vocals, but its not labeled as a sampler? Why bother making a device like this that can sample, and not build in the other standard sampling features?

    1. Why couldn’t they just update the MV 8800? That thing was an MPC killer when it came out. I know the RZA used them a lot. Seems like they kinda missed the point of this style of workstation. Why would I get this over say the MPC One which can more or less do everything this does?

      Though Roland kinda misses the point on everything nowadays.

    2. Audience. Music is about a voice and a brand, not just beat-making. Vocals are super important. Wonder how you can access and manipulate vocals on that screen. Probably the ipad making it a necessary part to this device. Ipad and Zen beats.

  6. taken from roland´s website:

    Track Type: Tone, Drum Kit, Looper (Audio Loop)
    Tracks: 7 tracks and 1 vocal track

    question: can i use 7 tone tracks w/o drum kit and looper?

  7. This is way too overpriced to compete. When it reaches the $250-$300, it might have an audience for beginner beatmakers and soundcloud MC’s.

    1. > This is way too overpriced to compete

      lol, how about nooo? right now maschine+ is crashing way too often. the mv-1 is a 8-track maschine+ – w/o crashes, i guess. mate galic of ni is probably not amused.

  8. Interesting. You could write your song with this and then transfer everything to an iPad for proper editing & mixing in Cubasis or Auria Pro. Battery powered but also portable enough to taking with you casually unlike an MPC live. Mic pre with phantom power for connecting with an LDC vocal mic. On paper, or at least theoretically, this could be a very good solution for true mobile, battery powered music making from start to finish if combined with an iPad..

    In practice however, it has a very specific worflow it forces you to use. And you can only record onto one track? What about overdubbing/recording doubles or adding a guitar to your song?

    The video makes this feel like its a meme product – meet “Drill producer starter pack”

  9. this product is not for me but I’m all for re imagining groove boxes and adding recording to the mix but it doesn’t seam like anyone is looking back at some of the past great ones that could rock 16 tracks of sounds and midi with no problem and where not limited to standard measures and a bit more open…Yamaha RM1x to name one that had a killer workflow for the time and biggest downside was you couldn’t switch from sequencing to performing…i still use it!

      1. yes I’m well aware of the fact that rm1x has no sampling since i have been using it since 1999 and that the MV-1 Mobile Music Production Workstation also has no sampling and im also aware that the RS7000 can sample but i don’t quit understand why you are pointing this out especially when i was reverencing work flow/performance but thanks for your time.

        1. The RM1X workflow sucks. It mutes all the other tracks when you’re in x0x record mode, and requires you to split all the drum tracks to individual midi tracks if you want to do performance mutes.

  10. I see criticism of products on here all the time. It makes me wonder when people have all these great ideas why they don’t present their ideas and follow through with a product of their own – very few people have done this but your ideas may sell, however maybe the masses don’t really care about your concept, only one way to find out.

    1. Fair point. I think a few people are doing just that. And even fewer are having some success.

      Big manufacturers on one hand have the resources to innovate and can combine existing technologies. However, they can’t afford to “lose big” on failed products. Therefore, they design “safe” products that will sell to the masses.

      That’s why I post little gripes and criticisms. I’ve got boutique tastes, creative aspirations, more advanced-use/interests, and an entry-level budget.

      Of course, what we say here is of no consequence as far as what the big manufacturers do. But if a company makes a b.s. product, and people call them on it, well, it is satisfying to call it for what it is.

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