Midierror Intros METROSTEP Max 4 Live Note Trigger Sequencer

Midierror has introduced METROSTEP, a note trigger sequencer which is designed to be ‘instantly playable’ – with 3 timing divisions, 3 velocity modes and a variable sequence length of 1-32 steps.

It offers a variety of features, including forwards/backwards/ping-pong playback, randomized values and an independent sequencer clock.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“Each step of the main sequencer represents a retrigger timing, with low speeds at the bottom and high speeds at the top. Notes can be triggered in triplets, whole notes, dotted notes and all combined.

Velocity is controlled in three ways: fixed (all notes have the same velocity), random (between a minimum and maximum value) and sequenced (drawn below the notes triggers).

You’ll find it instantly playable for many creative uses – particularly for creating hi-hat and percussive patterns. It’s been specially designed to be used on multiple tracks so numerous instances won’t conflict like with other Max4Live patches.

The sequencer clock can run at a rate independent from the note triggers and will operate in forward, backward and ping-pong modes. All values can be randomised using the tiny R buttons for ultra chaotic, unpredictable playback.”

Pricing and Availability

METROSTEP is available now, priced at £12.50.

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