Ambient Music For Phantom Limb & Modular Synth

Synthesist Bertolt Meyer shared this live ambient performance for phantom limb & modular synthesizer.

He explains:

“Generative ambient patch in which my phantom limb – my missing imagined left arm – controls the gate of a voice and the routing to the LZX Cyclops laser controller through tiny muscle signals that usually control my myoelectric prosthesis. Muscle EMG sensing is done with two ADDAC 303 muscle sensing modules that work really well once you find good settings.

The patch is based on a Turing Machine that goes to a new random sequence after 16 repetitions of the given random sequence. The pitch CV goes through a 2hp Arp and subsequently through the ADDAC Intuitive Quantizer before being sampled with different trigger patterns with the excellent DivKid RND STEP. From there, the pitch branches off to three voices: A QU-Bit Chord, two Doepfer A-110s, and a MI Elements.

The phantom limb does the gates for the two A-110s – it feels really weird, because I just have to think about moving the prosthesis THAT I AM NOT WEARING and the voice plays a note.”

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